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Future frontiers

The latest edition of the RI Quarterly, produced by the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI) is a good read, and I'm not saying that simply because I have a bit part in it. Actually, who am I kidding. That is exactly why I am publicising it. But beyond the article on fintech, I would commend the piece about incorporating human rights issues into ESG and investment valuation. It's a tricky one. We were approached early last year by a big investor who wanted to know if we could help them assess them how their investee companies - many of which were large multinationals - treated their responsibilities towards children's rights. We came up with admittedly not the most compelling ideas and were politely dismissed, but our preparatory research into the topic raised our own awareness as to how profound and seemingly intractable some of the issues are. As environmental change is likely to remain in the zeitgeist for some time to come, initiatives to keep other issues on the radar are more important than they have ever been.


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