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Tis the season

What with leaving parties, anniversaries and the general seasonal merriment, I've been doing a lot of eating this week. Oxford is not over endowed with good restaurants, although the new shopping centre may help change that. In the meantime, here are the highlights of my big eating week. On Monday, I had the set lunch at Gees, featuring a very tasty butternut squash starter. Lunch on Tuesday was at the Banana Tree, recently opened on George Street. Big portions, friendly staff, and if you need more spice, ask them for the special 'chilli jar'. Tuesday dinner was at the Old Parsonage - the best meal I have had out in months. Cornish brill, on the bone, with anchovy butter and spinach. Heaven. Their menu also currently features a delicious and exotically coloured beetroot coleslaw. Wednesday dinner at the newly open Pint Shop, also on George Street. I was brought up in Zambia, and am always on the hunt for decent biltong in the UK. This place has it. Beers are also good, particularly their IPAs. Not cheap, but worth a try. On Thursday, I went to my local, the Bear and Ragged Staff, for their steak night. We were a group of seven men and all but one pronounced themselves satisfied. The one? He forgot he was meant to be out, had dinner at home, then dashed to the pub, and ate a scallop...

I'm writing this on the Friday afternoon before Christmas. My waistline and I are looking forward to a quiet evening at home, in preparation for the trials to come... Happy Christmas.


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