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Investing Responsibly

Students reading for a D.Phil (PhD) at Oxford are formally assessed a couple of times over the course of their studies. Yesterday I assessed a candidate who is exploring questions around responsible investment (RI). At the end of what was a very interesting meeting, my co-assessor asked the candidate and myself what we thought about the future of RI - particularly, did we think it would evolve into the mainstream, or remain a niche activity. The candidate was (probably very sensibly) circumspect about RI's prospects, but I am a raving enthusiast. If COP 21 and the NDCs are to mean much, corporates will have to start giving serious thought to what 'net zero' emissions pathways might look like. In that scenario, there will be increased focus on non-financial disclosure by companies, and investors will engage on these issues with radically more purpose than we have hitherto seen. 'RI' as described today will basically become 'I' tomorrow. Or so I think. Disagree? Would love to hear from you.

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