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I am the founding director of ACE Consensus. ACE gathers consensus forecasts on behalf of listed companies, directly from the research analysts who cover them. Our proprietary approach involves a bespoke template of performance indicators for each client company, which is dynamically linked to their analysts’ earnings models.

Oxford Earth Observation (OXEO)

I am the founding director of OXEO, an early stage company that leverages earth observation data to evaluate asset-level environmental risk. 

I direct the Smith School's Business Fellows programme. It provides a practitioners' perspective on the School's research activities. Most Business Fellows are employed or engaged in the field of business sustainability, and their experience is used to review, challenge and refine our areas of academic enquiry.

I am a member of the UK Investor Relations Society (IRS), where I serve on the Examinations Committee. Established in 1980, the IRS promotes professional development and represents the views of its members to regulatory bodies, the investment community and government.

I created and direct the Smith School's SSEE View programme. SSEE View distils the University's latest research to support business decision-making in relation to environmental change. Our target audience includes executive and non-executive company directors, institutional investors, asset owners and corporate advisors.

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